Greetings From Your Velvet-Loving Hostess

Hello there! I will be your hostess, guide and author in this (probably bizarre) blog. I’ll be honest here: I’ve never written a blog before, or even a diary. I constantly tell myself that I’ll write a blog post with each new adventure that I take: starting university, taking a gap year, taking cute pictures of my dogs etc. Yet, my blogging attempts – up until this point – have never come to fruition. Somehow life always seems to get in the way (code: I’m lazy). Anyway, in September 2018 I’m moving to Russia and I thought that this was as good a time as any to actually follow through on setting up a blog. This may prove to be of no interest to anyone, but at least I’ll be able to say I did it, and I’ll (hopefully) have a nice record of my Russian adventures.
So, this little bio is (I suppose) your taster session. I’ve tried to showcase the kind of person that I am – along with the way that I write – so that you can decide here and now if you want to continue reading (I don’t blame you at all if you decide to stop here, I’m an acquired taste!).
So, let’s begin with a little bit about me: I’m 20, I attend the University of Nottingham where I study history and Russian (beginners) and I herald from the rolling hills of Dorset. My father was in the foreign office so I was lucky enough to spend the first 4 years of my life in Bulgaria (though I admit I remember only a little of it), before later spending 5 years in India. On top of that, I saved since I was about 13 so that I could plan for a kick-ass Gap Year, where I managed to have an ab-fab 9 months of pretty much non-stop travelling in India (again, because I love it), South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It was a pretty amazing year with a fair few odd adventures and tricky run-ins. I’m sure that in the coming posts I will regale you with many tales of my adventures, but for now, I will tell you only one: my favourite. It’s the story of how I got a blue scar on my forehead – meaning that my constant conversation starter is, “excuse me, erm, I think you have pen on your forehead…”. It all started when my cousin, who – unlike me – is very athletically gifted, decided that we should travel across the coast of South Africa with a couple of surfboards so that he could teach me how to surf. We reached the south-east coast of South Africa and after just the second day in the water, I took a surfboard to the face when falling off a wave. 8 stitches later, here I am with the ultimate party conversation starter.
Anyway that’s a little bit about me with an insight into what kind of things I’m going to write about! Hopefully I’m not going to bore you to tears.

P.s. All Photos are taken by me!

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